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We Are Rebranding!

Updated: Feb 3

And by ‘We’ I mean me - I am rebranding. Although, to be fair, I work with a group of people who help bring my ideas to life - merchandisers, manufacturers, seamstresses, tailors and the like. As of yet, I don’t have a full-time, in-house team, but the future always holds a few pleasant surprises.

Why am I rebranding? Well, in short, I lost sight of the vision. That, and the fact that my logo only made sense in my head. Which is fine, until investors make you chase carrots to see valuable results. And what was ‘the vision’? The vision was, and still is, to be the 'baddest' in the game. I’ve always been a dreamer (Taurus sun and all), but it’s well past time I became a cliché and made those dreams a reality.

Don’t get me wrong, these close to five, short years I haven’t been operating as a zombie (cough!) It’s that all the advice, mentorships, and experiences I had led me to believe I had to perform and create in a certain way in order to achieve my desired goal. And so far, my goal has never seemed as far away as it has been these past few years. I was in a haze. I lost sight of my unique creativity trying to fit into a mould that was not made for me.

Now as my fog clears, I am taking these lessons learnt with a pinch of salt, because nothing great was ever formed without seasoning.

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