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An Oldie, but a Goldie

What’s with the old timer when we are trying to enjoy the newness of our rebirth!?

To be honest, the best explanation is covid. Yes, the rona got me too.

Not physically, but more metaphorically, because Ms Rona had whole businesses on hibernation for months.

So, thanks to the advent of the corona virus, garments that had been manufactured and set to go for retail in 2020 became pseudo dead-stock for the greater part of the year. And as such, this dead stock will be made available in the store along with new threads. Don’t fret too much, they’ll be a dead stock sale coming up, so stay tuned for that!

This dress pattern was a popular style when it was released, selling out online and at an affiliate retailer. It was also a popular request amongst bespoke clients who wanted it made in their own fabrics. I decided to remake the dress last year for sale at a lower price point – no lining and no embellishments. But the fun and zany print makes up for all the add-ons that have been left out.

It’s fun, it’s cute, and an easy wear whether you’re under lockdown, or back out on the town.

Shop the look online now whilst stocks last.

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